Newton Lecture, Lincoln University, 26 April 2022

In April, I was honoured to be asked to talk about my translation for the 2022 Newton Lecture at Lincoln University. You can watch the lecture below and also benefit from 30% off a copy of my translation. To get the discount, visit and enter the code NEWTON30 at checkout. Offer valid until 31Continue reading “Newton Lecture, Lincoln University, 26 April 2022”

Newton and the orbit of comets

Isaac Newton, like many astronomers before and since, was inspired by comets. His theory of gravitation enabled him to compute the orbit of comets as detailed in The Principia. The mathematical formula that Newton developed to calculate the orbit of comets enabled him, and Halley, who was Flamsteed’s successor as Astronomer Royal, to determine ifContinue reading “Newton and the orbit of comets”